Projected Railroads

The Germans do this very well ...

New rail services that are needed for an efficient transportation system in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. For some suggestions see the menu opposite.

If any sort of integrated transportation is to have a hope of success, there is a need for user fees levied equally among all forms of transportation. It is a well-known fact that building more roads simply creates more traffic and thus more congestion. Nor does building railroads relieve the congestion. The need therefore if for user fees levied against those that use the roads.

One form of use fee that has been tried with considerable success is urban areas Congestion Pricing. The idea of this is that motorists entering congested areas pay a fee for the privilege of doing so. This has been implemented in London, Stockholm, Singapore, and Milan, and might well be introduced in certain congested American cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Another form of user fee, more suited to rural areas and which frees up public funds for other purposes -- an important consideration in a time of financial constraint -- is the Turnpike Authority, which has been used successfully on a number of Interstate Highways throughout the USA, such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Massachusetts Turnpike and the Kansas Turnpike. There is an urgent need to introduce moderate tolls on most of the nation's Interstates so that they can be financially independent of the taxpayer. Here in Missouri I would begin by making I-70 a Toll Road between Exits 208 (Wentzville Parkway) and 131 (St. Charles Road, Lake of the Woods Road), and between Exits 131 (Fayette) and 18 (Blue Springs, Lake Tapawingo, Fleming Park).